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An alternative Valentines day

International Book Giving Day

Sometimes it feels like there is a celebratory ‘Day’ for everything nowadays.*

We’re not big on Hallmark holidays in our house. We don’t celebrate Valentines Day. Even when it comes to our wedding anniversary we’re a bit reluctant. We take it year about to buy a card, no presents. Whoever buys the card writes in it first then gives it to the other person to write on the other side. Then we open and read it together. I kinda like that.

But when I read about International Book Giving Day it sounded rather lovely. Not least because it falls on Valentines Day but – for me – it’s the perfect mix of children, love and books.

The idea? A day dedicated to getting new, used and borrowed books in the hands of as many children as possible. I was genuinely shocked to read that one third of children in the UK do not own books. Shocked, and sad too.

So, what could you do on 14th February? Their site is full of lots of ideas and suggestions about how to take part. It could be leaving a book in a doctor’s waiting room or donating to a local children’s hospital. I know that my kids have books they don’t read anymore and that they could pass them on. What about yours?

Go, pop it on the kitchen family calendar/pencil in your diary/set a reminder on your phone.

*She said, trying not to sound like an old fart.

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  1. Emma @ My Book Corner February 7, 2013 at 11:28 pm #

    that’s awesome. So glad to have you on board too Green Door!

    • The Green Door February 12, 2013 at 10:27 pm #

      Glad to be on board!

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