The Green Door Bookshop

About Us

We like reading nice books to our kids, always have done. Books that are fun to read, funky ones, funny ones, cool ones – ones that aren’t a chore to pick up, even after a hectic day.

But finding different children’s books can be tricky. Especially if – like us – you don’t have an independent children’s bookshop to pop into. You can either drive to one or drown in search results, losing hours of your life in the process.

That’s the reason we opened The Green Door Bookshop in November of 2012.

We partner with smaller publishing houses and authors to bring you a wide selection of books that are fairly priced. These are all books that we’ve read, that our children or their friends have read and each one is wholeheartedly recommended.

Sure, there’s no bricks and mortar and (sadly) there’s no coffee and carrot cake, but we’re working hard to give you the next best experience; handpicked books that are a bit special.

We’re your independent children’s bookshop, online.

All photography by EnaMay Photography