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The Princess and the Peas - "I love that I can listen to it"

"I loved the bit when the princess got the green dots on her face! And I love that I can listen to the story on my dad's phone." "Lauren loved it!  I think the fact it was bright pink helped a lot, but when I showed her the QR code on the book, she thought it was some sort of black magic and her eyes lit up. First thing she did today was get the book and I could hear the audio version of the book in the background throughout the day."  

Lauren, Aged 4 (with a little help from her dad)

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Rosie Flo - "You get to practise drawing shoes"

"You get to colour everything in and you can get to practise drawing peoples heads and arms and legs and shoes. There are some really big pictures over two pages and then small ones too. You can get lots of types of Rosie Flo books like animals and kitchens. It's good for practising fashion designs. I think the boys would like the boy ones called Johnny something. I like them best at the beginning when it's blank as you get to choose which one you do first. My favourite picture is when the gymnasts get their medals and flowers."

Jessie, Aged 6

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Pippi Longstocking - "She tells lies a lot"

"Pippi lives with a monkey. All on her own with no mum or dad. But she's really happy that she moved into Villa Villekulla - that's the name of her house. I love it, it's very good. My favourite part is when Pippi throws the bully Ben into the tree when he shouts 'Flare hair, flare hair' at her. She tells lies a lot. Sort of funny lies but also quite naughty ones. I also like the back of the book 'cause there are some butterflies and it's green. I like green. Who would like this book? A little bit of boys and quite a lot of girls. And my friend Elizabeth."

Lois, Aged 6

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The Noisy Book - "Mice Go Miaow"

"Mice go Miaow." Do they Sophie? "Yep." Donkeys? "Miaow." Really? "Yep." This is a really unusual book, with fabulously simple illustrations that have obviously been drawn by someone with a cracking sense of humour. The illustrations verge towards the abstract on a couple of occasions which leads to interesting conversations but makes the book more fun. Sophie will often pick it up independently and asks for it regularly as her bedtime story. For a 2 year old who has never had a favourite book, this is high praise indeed. Sophie's big brother has also enjoyed reading this to Sophie as nearly all of the sounds are phonetic and therefore great fun and easy to read.

Sophie, Aged 2 (with a little help from Mum)

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No! - "He's a funny dog"

"The story is about a dog. He’s bad and a bit cheeky. His name is Spike but he thinks his name is No because everyone shouts NO, NO, NO when he does bad stuff like getting mucky in the garden and eating from the bin. I like it when they say NOOOOOO, it’s funny, he’s a funny dog. My favourite picture is when he is sniffing a poo. Would I like a dog like him? No."

Phoebe, Aged 4

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Belle and Boo - "Definitely ten out of nine"

  "When it started it was quite funny because Boo didn’t know that birthdays are fun. It's about a little rabbit and a big girl. The girl’s name is Belle and she’s very pretty I think. Boo is very funny. I would like a rabbit that spoke. I can read the words in this book which I like. I think the paper feels really soft and thick and the cover feels really nice. My favourite part is when Boo says that 'birthdays smell of chocolate'. I also like the birthday song, it's funny. I would definitely give it ten out of nine."

Lois, Aged 6

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Opposites - "The petrol tank is best 'cos it's special"

"Cleverly written with simplistic graphics, every line, every angle and every shape is an integral part of the book. It’s a page turner for adults too. The acetate pages add additional interest, they aren't gimmicky or annoying but added another layer of intrigue and interest to the book. It really made Harris question and consider each page individually. His favourite picture? 'The petrol tank is best 'cos it's special.' Opposites was appreciated by my 1, 3 and 6 year old as well as by their parents!"

Harris, Aged 3 (with a little help from Mum)

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Zoo - "Touchy feely!"

"This was an easy, enjoyable way to learn together. Very tactile, appealing with its muted colour scheme and a high quality finish. I loved that it was so design–led, it made it feel different from the norm. Orla's older siblings liked the unusual choice of animals and easy to understand, interesting facts. Even the non-touchy feely bits are touchy feely!"

Orla, Aged 1 (with a little help from Mum)

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Star Wars - "Wow...."

"I've never seen a book move before. My favourite bit about the book is that the pictures move. The best picture is the one of the Millenium Falcon blowing up the Death Star as that is really cool. Actually I like all the pictures except for the one of C3P0 and R2D2 because it's quite boring because all they are doing is walking. My Dad liked this book a lot too. He's very good at Darth Vadar and Yoda impressions."      

Ben, Aged 5

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