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Terms and Conditions

Your privacy - we’ll treat you as we’d want to be treated ourselves.

That means:

  • We’ll never, ever hand your personal information on to a third party
  • Your data is strictly for internal use
  • All the data collected is stored on a secure server
  • If you ever win a competition with us then we’ll ask you first before we publish your name on our site. If you say no then we’ll not publish it, simple.
  • We may ocassionally contact you to pick your brains on how we can do better

Cookies - cue funny references to white chocolate and strawberry American biscuits.

Cookies – as we’re sure you know – are  little pieces of data that websites send to your browser in order to make web browsing easier and quicker for you. For example, rather than have to fill out your home address details again, a cookie will do something magic and pre-populate the fields.

We will also use these cookies to help us look at how well our business is performing. Like how many visits we’re getting, how long customers hang about for. Important stuff for us.

The key facts to know about cookies are that they are anonymous and contain no information that could personally identify you. You don’t need to do anything, but you do need to know that they’re there and we use them.